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“Contract manufacturing for multiple industries.”


Electronics for multiple industries

We manufacture electronics for multiple industries. Our long-term customer relationships have enabled us to build our expertise on the special needs of different fields and on the manufacturing of even the most challenging products.

We have experience and expertise on, among others, the following industries and products:


Industrial automation and a manufacturing technology where electronics are utilized in, i.a., measurements, controls and in process optimization.


Electronic devices and systems that are made for, i.a., environmental control, air quality monitoring and environmental protection.

Renewable energy

Manufacturing of electronic devices or components that measure and optimize energy efficiency as well as electronic products that are used in the utilization of renewable energy.

Positioning devices

GPS teknologiaan perustuvat paikannukseen ja seurantaan tarkoitetut laitteet.


For example, different solutions related to personal safety.

LED products

Products containing LED technology and related control devices.

IoT and IoE

The manufacturing of electronics used in IoT and IoE devices.

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Contract manufacturing for:

  • industrial automation and manufacturing
  • environmental protection and monitoring
  • measuring, monitoring and optimizing renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • safety solutions
  • products containing LED electronics
  • products containing IoT and IoE technology