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Material Management

Well-organized material management provides advantages

Through well-organized material management, we are able to significantly affect the price and the delivery reliability of products. With our versatile procurement network, we are even able to acquire components with limited availability.

Our supplier network consists of reliable partners that have extensive experience in the industry and meet our customers’ criteria both in terms of quality and delivery reliability. We annually follow our suppliers’ statuses through supplier analyses, in which we score the companies’ operations.

From our suppliers, we require responsible operations that stand up to scrutiny from the viewpoint of sustainability. Read more about our sustainability here!

We can also have the customer-chosen suppliers submit competitive bids in order to identify the partner with the optimal price-performance ratio.

Alternative components

If the components defined by the designer are not available, we will propose alternative components. The use of alternative components can help battle possible supply disruptions or help find more affordable manufacturing solutions.

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The advantages of Sirico’s material management:

  • our supplier network only consists of reliable parties
  • we are able to acquire components with limited availability
  • we are strict when it comes to component quality