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”Sirico – more than electronics.”

Contract Manufacturing of Electronics

From design to execution and delivery

Sirico is a contract manufacturer of electronics. Our service selection covers the product’s entire life cycle, from design to prototypes, production series, packaging and delivering the finished product to the customer.

Capability that is achieved through expertise and optimal technical resources

Our capability is based on our multi-area experience and our technical resources. For our production line, we have chosen modern machines that have the performance level required to achieve smooth production, varying batch sizes and the required quality. We also manufacture smaller batches and individual pieces. Our staff includes experts who have, in various roles, been involved in the industry and its development for decades.

More than electronics

An open culture of dialogue and the ability and the willingness to understand the customer are at the core of our service. We are committed to our customer promises regarding both delivery times and product quality. We operate in an organized manner at all levels of our business and keep our customers informed at different stages of the service process. Our long-term customer relationships are based on mutual collaboration that is solution-oriented and aimed at a common goal.

Are you looking for a fair partner for electronics contract manufacturing?

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Olli-Pekka Jantunen
040 153 5580

Our services:

  • design engineering – in cooperation with partners

  • material management (Purchases/Procurement/Alternative Components)

  • printed circuit board assembly

  • programming and testing

  • protection of electronics (Coating / Potting / Low-pressure molding)

  • assembly

  • cable and wire harness manufacturing

  • packaging

  • delivery