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“We focus on what we do best and aim at profitable growth.”


“We’re not easily startled. We stay calm and handle the situation, one step at a time.”

The majority owner made a wise decision in the early 2020s by bringing together three seasoned professionals to guide Sirico towards sustainable growth and profitable production. Together they formed a team where everyone has a crucial role in the entirety.

This team has had a chance to follow the production and the development of electronic products. The expertise they have gathered is visible today in Sirico’s management, customer work and on the factory floor.

Experience has shown that challenges are nothing to be startled over. The future is received with calmness and plans are made with long-term goals in mind. We have the courage to take on challenges – because that is what it takes to succeed.

Sirico’s story began in 1986 in Pietarsaari under the name Merval Oy. The years have entailed acquisitions and growth. Today, Sirico’s factories operate in Pietarsaari and Kempele.

Yritys pikku

“You will become a professional in the field”

The expertise and the hard work of a committed, tight-knit group of employees seal the produced quality. Employees work towards a common goal in good spirits.

The company’s success is based on trust: actions speak louder than words and customer promises are kept. Even the most challenging topics are addressed and everything is open to discussion.

Growth is pursued in a way that allows the customer to always remain our number one priority.

Comprehensive understanding and excitement towards manufacturing and developing electronics. From people to people – that is Sirico.


Merval Oy starts their electronics production in Pietarsaari. The company also starts importing and selling production equipment for electronics-

Merval Oy joins Nylund Group through an acquisition.

Sirico Electronics Oy starts operating as an independent company.

Sirico Electronics adds electromechanical device assemblies to their range of manufacturing services.

New facilities are built for manufacturing services of electronics (completed in the summer of 2011).

ISO9001 quality certificate.

New owners for Sirico Electronics (Harri Ojala and Mauri Palvi)

ELE-Products Oy becomes a part of Sirico Electronics through acquisition

Sirico Electronics Oy

Sirico - More than electronics.

Comprehensive understanding and excitement towards manufacturing and developing electronics – from people to people.