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High-quality electronics production is a sum of many factors

Electronics manufacturing is about making joints. A quality joint is achieved by managing all variables. Full management is achieved through well documented processes and machines that have the required level of performance.

The needed information, documentation and manuals readily available

Thanks to our Intranet solution, all needed information and manuals are always easily accessible from everyone’s desks and workstations. Our Intranet includes all work manuals, documentation history, production history (incl. batch and serial numbers) and much more, such as machine and equipment service and calibration guides and history.

We uphold and develop the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our personnel are the key to maintaining and developing our quality

Our production is formed by a trained and capable team of experts. Our operations are based on the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction as well as on immaculate production, guided through processes.

Materials and recycling

The traceability of our materials is based on batch tracking.

We abide to all legal obligations and consider environmental aspects by minimizing our quantity of waste and recycling waste whenever possible.

Quality assurance and testing

For quality assurance, we use a programmable tester or product-specifically designed testing arrangements. Along with testing, we carry out programming and compile a testing report.

Do you value responsible operations and carefully designed production processes?

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We uphold and develop the ISO 9001 quality management system.

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