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“Thorough tests and inspections are the final touches to a great end result.”

Programming and Testing

Printed circuit board programming during the manufacturing process

We program PCBs during the manufacturing process. Once the PCB is manufactured, we are able to add the desired program provided by the customer. We can build a jig, create an integrated development environment and, if necessary, also use the customer’s existing programs.

PCB testing and inspections with versatile devices

We test printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies and finished equipment with our versatile devices. We perform quality assurance with an AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) device. This method allows us to detect any missing, incorrect or incorrectly installed components, substandard solders or short circuits.

We also perform microscopic and visual inspections. In addition to having various measuring devices, we produce jigs. We also perform X-rays through our partner.

Ask us for more information about programming and testing!

Petri Pekola
040 536 5639

  • In-house jig manufacturing
  • AOI quality assurance
  • Versatile measuring devices