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Protection of Electronics

We envision the product’s usage from the end customer’s viewpoint

We provide protection of electronics with several different techniques. Protection methods are always chosen case-by-case, depending on the type of product and the specific needs for protection in its end-use. Electronics are protected against moisture, dust, impacts, vibrations, mechanical stress, and potential electromagnetic interference. At times, protection can be applied to enhance the rigidity and stability of the product. Protection also aids in electrical insulation between components and extends the product’s lifespan by preventing corrosion and oxidation.

The protection methods we employ include coating (manual and automated coating), potting (encapsulation technique), and low-pressure molding.

We offer several options for electronics protection based on the customer’s needs. Coating primarily provides protection against moisture and dust. We perform manual coating as well as automated coating through our automated coating line.

If protection is required not only against moisture and dust but also against chemicals or mechanical stress, such as vibration and impacts, we can use potting or encapsulate the electronics in plastic molding. You can learn more about the plastic molding technique we use for encapsulation by following this link.


In coating, the lacquer or the coating is applied over electronic components so that a protective layer is formed. The most common coating materials include acrylic, silicone and polyurethane.

Potting = enclosure casting

Potting is an electronics protection method where electronic components are placed in an enclosure that is then filled with protective material.

Low-pressure molding

Matalapainevalussa piirilevy tai haluttu osa piirilevystä valetaan muoviin, joka suojaa elektroniikkaa mekaaniselta rasitukselta, pölyltä sekä kosteudelta.

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Electronics protection methods

  • coating
  • potting
  • low-pressure molding