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“You will become a professional in the field.”

Work with us

Come work at the heart of electronics manufacturing in Kempele or Pietarsaari!

Sirico specializes in manufacturing industrial electronic products. Sirico’s facilities are located in Kempele and Pietarsaari in Finland. The company employs nearly 45 people, most of whom work in the roles of Electronics Employee or SMD Operator. Sirico manufactures electronic products for multiple industries. Our customer base is mostly located in Finland, but the end users of our products can be found all over the world. Sirico’s story dates back to 1986, when the company started operating in Pietarsaari under the name Merval Oy.

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Clearly defined shifts and tasks bring consistency to everyday life

Sirico operates in two locations. At the Kempele factory, work is done in one shift Monday through Friday. In the Pietarsaari production lines, staff works Monday through Friday in two or three shifts, depending on the period of time. The use of a working hours bank enables smooth everyday life for employees, thanks to our flextime system. We pay monthly salaries and plan our production so that extra hours are only done in special cases. We make sure that our work environment is safe and that every employee is in a position where they can take care of their tasks as well as possible.

What kind of experience do we require?

Our work community consists of different kinds of professionals with different backgrounds. Tasks are learned through orientation. Learning is, however, quicker if the new employee has a technical (electric, electronics, automation etc.) basic education or a background in working with electronics. However, we take into consideration applicants with different backgrounds – as long as they are eager to learn new tasks and to commit to them. Acquainting oneself with the tasks requires understanding instructions in Finnish. Our work community is both Finnish and Swedish-speaking.

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Independent work that matters

Would you enjoy working with us? If you are the organized type and like working independently, then absolutely. You also feel comfortable working as a part of a team where everyone has assigned tasks. You enjoy routine work and the kind of life where working hours are clearly defined in certain shifts. You want to finish your tasks with care and precision. You also like the feeling of knowing what the next day’s shift has in store. You value your employer having trust in your expertise and listening to your needs. You enjoy being given the chance to commit and be a part of a community where your actions matter.


Take a look at our open positions or send us an open application here.

  • Sirico Pietarsaari 25 people
  • Sirico Kempele 15 people