Welcome to our newly launched website!

Sirico’s brand new website was launched in the beginning of February 2024. The new website introduces our facilities through images. We have also included a new career site. The goal is to regularly publish news on current matters and recent developments in order to keep job searchers and partners up to date on what is happening in the company.

We also plan on introducing some of our employees on our career site. This way job searchers can easily get a grasp of what kind of a company Sirico is and what kind of roles we have to offer.

“We wanted to renew our website because we felt that the old site’s content and appearance were not up to current standards. Our objective was to describe our services in a clearer, more specific way and to have a site with a fresh, modern look. We also wanted to put more emphasis on employment opportunities, which we did not emphasize on our old website”, says Mika Sarkkinen, CEO of Sirico Electronics.

Sirico’s goal is to increase their visibility and their interest factor as well as to clarify their company image.

“Naturally, we also want to reach potential customers and offer more information on our services to existing customers and subsequently improve our market performance. By clarifying our company image, we hope to increase the interest of potential job seekers from a broader scope towards our open positions.”

We feel that the entire website project with Herea was smooth and effortless. Professionalism characterized the entire process. We can therefore recommend Herea for similar projects. We found especially useful the fact that when we were, for example, creating the new service descriptions, we were immediately on the same page regarding the content. It felt as if Herea’s professionals were in the electronics business themselves.

We welcome you to our website and as our customer!

You can find our contact information here