Customer Story – Natlink Oy (14.6.2024)

Natlink Oy’s journey began in 1977 when Tracker Oy emerged as a pioneer from the Finnish wilderness by specializing in GPS tracking devices for hunting dogs. The acquisition of B-bark and Ultracom Oy in the years 2018 and 2020 strengthened Tracker’s technological expertise, which led to the creation of the reliable real-time tracking system that we offer today.

At the same time, WeHunt Nordic AB, founded in Sweden in 2012, changed the hunting experience with the help of a digital application platform. WeHunt’s application platform not only covers hunting but also year-round services that connect various devices and offer hunters a comprehensive platform for all their needs.

Natlink Oy’s mission is to “Create a connected and unified experience that makes hunting and outdoor activities meaningful, easy and secure.”


Natlink kuva


The collaboration with our current device manufacturer Sirico Electronics Oy began already in the 1990s and has continued effectively through several mergers. The long-standing partnership has been honed over the years and is particularly reflected in the companies’ communication and functioning processes.

Pekka Hietalahti (COO at Natlink Oy): “Natlink’s strategic partnership with Sirico has proven to be a cost-effective concept that ensures high-quality and up-to-date deliveries. We particularly appreciate Sirico’s readiness to serve and their flexibility in changing situations.”

Mika Sarkkinen (CEO at Sirico Electronics Oy): “We value the cooperation and strategic partnership with Natlink Oy, and it has been important for our company’s development and growth. We will continue to develop the cooperation in the future based on the same principles.”